We Deliver Genuine Leather, Genuinely!

Some companie’s professionalism stops after the transaction and the payment of all dues. Chicago Jackets has positioned its operations as far away from such groups as possible because we believe happy customers return with more! Delivery is one of the most important parts of the online shopping experience, especially for leather jackets for men, because it doesn’t matter how good the product is, if the delivery service is poor, customers will never be satisfied and return to the brand ever again. That’s why the delivery system we created around the globe comprises professionalism and expert partners who know how to value customer’s parcels. Our primary goal is to always reach our valuable clients as fast as possible and meet the delivery deadlines we commit. Most of the time our customers order our trendy leather jackets to show them off at the upcoming parties or special events, so we won’t ever want them to miss their chance! The delivery system we employ keeps all the customers updated about the whereabouts of their parcels, so that their strenuous waiting period becomes a little less stressful! Our experts will always find the pinpoint location as per the delivery address provided and ensure that the parcel is placed at your doorstep within the mentioned time frame.

We always try to maintain complete transparency with our customers. To achieve this aim, we have created accurate policies that we always abide by to better serve the customers. Here are the delivery policies our company uses to help our customers better understand the procedure of our delivery operations.

  • As soon as you place your order and the screen displays the confirmation, you will instantly receive another notification on the contact details you have provided. In case you don’t receive the order confirmation, please recheck if the system has processed your order or not.
  • Our pre-designed genuine leather jacket collection is all set to be shipped and delivered to our customers within 12-15 working days at the minimum. Please keep in mind, the delivery time period can extend because of external factors which we do not have control over.
  • The accuracy and reliability of our delivery system heavily depend on the clarity of the postal address. So, make sure that the given delivery address is clear and accurate.
  • If your parcel delivery encounters any type of inconveniences, our representative will immediately inform you about the situation. Your patience and cooperation will be highly appreciated in such circumstances.
  • Before arriving at your doorstep, our delivery experts will notify you. Make sure that either you or someone related to you is present to receive the parcel and sign it off from the list.
  • In case you miss the delivery, no need to panic. We understand that you have other things to do. Simply contact us and our representatives will arrange another delivery to your doorstep!

Chicago Jackets encourage each and every customer to read our delivery and other important policies before placing an order. This helps in setting the expectations and allows us to better serve you!

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