To deliver a completely satisfying experience, the brand needs first to become fully transparent towards them. The best way to do that is by letting them know anything and everything that will directly and indirectly affect their buying experience. To serve that very purpose, Chicago Jackets has created a page dedicated to our privacy policy that covers everything every customer of ours should know before deciding to buy our epic collection of men’s leather jackets and women’s leather jackets. We always remain loyal to our cause and our cause is to deliver genuine black leather jackets to all our customers, all the time, every time! A part of our private policy highlights which personal information about the customers the company collects and how it will all be used for the business operations. The primary factor behind the success and well-recognized reputation of Chicago Jackets is that we don’t only focus on bringing in more customers, we also want each customer to come back for more! If they want a black leather jacket or a brown leather jacket, they should think of only Chicago Jackets.

For those who are wondering why a company selling genuine men’s leather jackets would need to collect sensitive information from their customers, we need it to process your transaction. But we don’t collect it unnecessarily, we only request the data when the customer wants to buy from our leather jacket collections. Keep in mind that our brand will never collect private customer data without their consent or obtain them from illegal means. Chicago Jackets employs IT professionals who ensure that the personal data that our customers entrust us with is kept safe and secure from the reach of third parties of any kind. As a customer, you have nothing to worry about since everything we do is official and registered, which means our policies follow the rules and regulations laid out by your local government. We designed our privacy policy in accordance with international laws so that our customers find it easy to trust us and are never wronged in any way.

Sharing Personal Information

Every customer that lands on our page is valuable and therefore whatever activity they perform on our platform is valuable information. Chicago Jackets tracks and monitors all the web activities of the buyers against our services. Our advanced AI systems automatically record and assess the information. We use this information to determine the success of the different promotional campaigns, website edits, and overall user-interface we update and introduce. The information we are most eagerly looking for all comprises your basic personal information, like your name, age, gender, and contact details. There are many things we never compromise in and quality control across the entire business operation we run is at the top of the list. We eagerly want to ensure that the satisfying experience for every customer continues across all of Chicago Jackets’ activities and this information plays a vital role in helping in doing just that. Again, you can rest assured because the cyber security we employ is the latest one available in the market. No unwanted pair of hands will ever gain access to our customers’ personal information!

Why we use your personal information

As we have mentioned before, Chicago Jackets wants to offer our customer base full transparency. That’s why, for better understanding, we have created a list of circumstances where we reserve the right to obtain and collect your personal information to improve our business operations and services. Please read the policies mentioned below to gain a better understanding of how your personal information helps us out:

  • One of the most important information every online business needs is the customer’s shopping history. Not only does it help us accurately identify their favorite genuine leather jacket collections, but it also identifies their buying behavior and attitude. This information allows our brand to know what’s in demand and at what time of the year our black leather jacket collections are the most popular. Knowing all of this means attaining the perfect position to make the right decisions and offering the best deals and leather jacket collections in the market!
  • Your personal information also helps us to serve you better. Since our system accurately keeps your records, we know exactly how your experience with us was, allowing us to better take care of your requirements in the future and even offer compensation where due.
  • The ONLY purpose of monitoring and recording customer data is to improve their online experience with our brand and nothing else.
  • The required personal information enables our system to first take your consent, and then send you regular updates about our new genuine leather jacket collections, epic discounts deals, and other promotions our customers would not want to miss.
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