It’s always easy and more encouraging to buy things you can return or exchange. We, at Chicago Jackets, understand this statement very well and that’s why we have implemented it into our leather jacket operations! We always try to entertain our customers as much as possible and provide them with everything they need to feel comfortable making the purchase. At first, people were very hesitant to switch over to online shopping, but when the companies started offering return or exchange options, they were more open to the idea. Customers who choose to buy genuine leather jackets from Chicago Jackets can avail this feature if they meet the criteria that we have created to return or exchange the purchased items. Buyers’ satisfaction is our number one priority, and we always try to win them over. Chicago Jackets has earned a strong reputation in the industry thanks to our facilitating policies governing the return and exchange of genuine leather jackets. Here are the return and exchange policies we offer to each and every of our customers.

When You Are Eligible for Return & Exchange

Customers that meet the criteria mentioned below quality them to return and exchange the leather jackets they purchased from our online store.

  • If the ordered leather jacket you received is not the correct design or contains accessories of the wrong collection.
  • If the leather jacket delivered is of the wrong measurement and does not match the details of your order.
  • If the parcel delivery does not match the product picture on the website, there are major visible differences.
  • If the genuine leather jacket is a defective piece.
  • The quality of the leather jacket is poor and does not meet the standard that we have set for our products.
  • The customers discover the faults of the product and inform us about it within 30 day’s time. After 30 days, we will not entertain the buyer.

Any customer that meets any requirement mentioned above is eligible for our return and exchange process. Please, carefully read these instructions and follow them accurately to successfully return the leather jacket and exchange it for the right one.

  • In the event the customer receives a broken, damaged, or slightly opened parcel, they should immediately reach out to us and inform our representative of the situation. Upon providing evidence and after a small inspection, you can return the parcel and we will send a new one right away.
  • Please, keep in mind that the customers are responsible for making sure the parcel reaches us in the same state as they received it. If our staff notices anything suspicious, we can hold the exchanging process.
  • If the customers remove the tag or any other removable part of the leather jacket, we will not return and exchange it. So please, remove nothing and send it back to us as you received it.
  • Customers are only qualified to claim return and exchange if they report the product fault within 30 days after the delivery. If they reach out to us after 30 days, the company will not accept the request.
  • Report the faulty product as soon as you find any defects so that we can initiate the process right away and make amends.
  • Please note that this policy only applies to pre-designed leather jackets. We design the custom jackets according to the unique demands of that specific customer and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged with another.
  • Always mention the order’s reference number before you return the parcel to us.
  • In case the company is at fault for the wrong or defective delivery, we will compensate our customers for the shipping charges for sending the leather jacket back to us. However, if the buyer is not satisfied with the product without a valid and genuine reason, the company will pay the shipping charges.

When Can Our Customers Appeal for A Refund?

We understand that sometimes there are situations where the customer has the absolute right to demand a full refund for the product they paid for, and that’s why we have created our Refund Policy. The customer is eligible to receive a full refund if:

  • Our courier service mismanaged the parcel while being delivered or shipped to the mentioned address.
  • The jacket you placed an order for was accepted and confirmed, but then later went out of stock. In this case, the customer can appeal for a full refund and receive it without question.
  • Our team of professional and friendly representatives works 24/7, around the clock, to ensure none of your enquiries goes unanswered. Please keep in mind that we receive hundreds of emails every day, but will always respond to your query within 12 hours time.
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