What You See Is What You Get

People who consistently buy from Chicago Jackets know this for a fact that whatever they see on screen is what they can expect in their parcels. Our professionalism doesn’t end at the payment section, not at all! We see it through and through. Our delivery system relies only on the most advanced, proven, and expert services who have been in the business for decades now. These are the world renowned delivery companies we use to connect with or customers:

  • USPS / USPS+
  • DPEX

The experience that Chicago Jackets is trying to create is one that values the after-sale services and, to serve that purpose, we ensure that the jackets being sent out contain no flaws in quality. Once the quality control approves the pieces, they are then packed into safe and sturdy parcels before being sent to the tier 1 delivery companies. When you order from our brand, know that your parcel will always arrive on time and everything inside will be as you saw it on our web page. However, please do understand the external factors that could impact the delivery time, factors that aren’t in our control.

Good news for people living in the US because Chicago Jackets offers Free Delivery for All US Orders! We know how irritating it is to wait for the parcels without the timely updates. That’s why we ensure that our customers regularly get updated about their orders. So, as you wait for your parcel to arrive, you know how much longer it will take, allowing you to plan accordingly!

In order to create the perfect experience for our valued customers, we have created a list of shipping policies to help to understand how we operate.

  • Once you place the order, the parcel is immediately locked in with confirmation and is set out to be shipped to the address you provided.
  • After order confirmation, you will receive your well-awaited parcel after 12-15 business days after all the dues have been cleared from your side for the placed order.
  • For custom orders, our skilled designers will need extra time to make the adjustments. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  • Your convenience is our top priority and our delivery partners are working their best to ensure your order reaches you as soon as possible. We request that you be patient and wait as the delivery service makes their way to your doorstep with the parcel we owe you.
  • When entering your delivery address, try to be as accurate as you can as it makes our job much easier and allows us to reach you within the declared time frame.
  • We always do our best to make sure that every order reaches our customer right on time. But there are external factors beyond our control.

We request that you carefully read our shipping policies before placing an order to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

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