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Chicago Jackets is a brand that represents quality, value, and pure customer satisfaction. We earned this reputation in the genuine leather jackets industry by providing the best quality and after-sales services to each of our customers consistently. Buyers that decide to make their purchases from our company are guaranteed to receive exactly what they ordered in the timeframe committed. Whether you are looking for men’s leather jackets or women’s leather jackets, animation printed jumpers or game themed trendy uppers. We do it all, and we do it the best. Chicago Jackets takes pride in always coming through to the customer and helping them cope with inconvenient issues. It is our practice to stay in contact with our buyers and update them after brief intervals so they always know about the situation of their parcel. Our customers feel assured to know that the leather jackets we supply follow the strict quality standards of the leather industry and consistently rank high amongst the market. To create a more satisfying experience and to better facilitate our customers, we created these terms and conditions policies that govern our operations. These policies ensure that Chicago Jackets always provide genuine leather jackets to the customers without ever compromising on the quality. The leather coats we supply are second to none and are offered at much better prices! To top it all off, Chicago Jackets is an official, registered business, meaning we are legit. Our leather is legit, and so are our services. Each of our products is properly verified, assessed and constantly monitored to ensure quality. Buyers will find our leather jackets to always meet their requirements and the current fashion trend. For an overall better experience, please refer to our terms and conditions listed below.

Age Restriction

Chicago Jackets wants to remain responsible and morally correct to its customers. Therefore, we only allow 18+ customers to place genuine leather jackets orders on our platform. To place a parental lock and control over the transactions, we don’t let children or teenagers place orders from our website. We implement this policy because we intend to strictly follow the site usage children laws.

Personal Information

We respect customer privacy and would never indulge in any activities that would compromise their personal information. At Chicago Jackets, the private data you enter on our platform is safe as we aim to create a fully secure shopping experience for our buyers. Any sensitive information you enter on Chicago Jackets, know that it is in safe hands and will never be misused. Please keep in mind that customers only need to provide their accurate full names, contact [personal number and email], transaction details to place and confirm their order. We have a team of IT professionals who monitor the security status of our platform and update it with the latest cyber security. No outside individual will ever be able to access our customer’s sensitive information. So rest assured and place all the leather jacket orders you desire!

Payment Services

To better facilitate our customers, we allow them to pay with popular, different transactional methods. Buyers can use their credit/debit cards and even PayPal Accounts. For customer’s convenience, we accept MasterCard, VISA, Money Order, Western Union, American Express, and also Wire Transfers. At Chicago Jackets, we want to provide the most straightforward and comfortable, genuine leather jacket shopping experience and that’s what we intend to do!

Shipping Services

The shipping time frame is one of the most important factors when it comes to creating a satisfying online customer experience. Regardless of the product quality, if the shipment does not reach the delivery experts on time, the parcel will be delayed and the customer will be left unsatisfied. That’s precisely why Chicago Jackets has emphasized our shipping services and ensured that the shipment partners we choose have the capabilities to respect and meet deadlines. Our shipping system enables our delivery partners to place the leather jackets orders on our customer’s doorsteps within the committed time. To serve that purpose, we want our buyers to think of our brand as reliable and premium. We compromise on nothing and don’t charge anything extra for shipping, however, the charges may vary because of the region. Good news for our US customers because we offer Free Shipment for All US Orders!

Delivery Services

Shipping without a reliable delivery system is mundane. Which is why the delivery partners we added to our ranks are nothing short of experienced professionals. They use the latest delivery methods that ensure the highest rate of success for each delivery. As soon as the shipment arrives, our delivery teams get to work dedicatedly distributing the parcels to their rightful customers while ensuring the package sustains no damage. Chicago Jackets only rely on the best of the best to ensure the parcels consistently reach our buyers right on time. Pre-designed genuine leather jackets will take from 7 to 12 working days to reach the customers, while custom-designed leather jackets may take longer.


Another important part of customer satisfaction is the pricing of the product and service. Chicago Jackets aims to provide leather jackets for men and leather jackets for women that are affordable, less costly than the competitors, but better in quality. The prices that we charge for our genuine leather jackets are according to the quality of the leather and other material we use, time and effort our professional jacket designers put into it, stitching the jacket, shipping and delivering it. Nonetheless, customers will always find the best leather jacket deals on our website!

Return and Exchange

No online experience will ever satisfy without the option to return/exchange the product in case you are unsatisfied with the delivery for the right reasons. Our customers have the luxury of initiating a communication thread with our representative to file their complaints and qualify for our return and exchange option. Please refer to the return and exchange policies to better understand how customers can become eligible to avail this offer. Even if the parcel is slightly damaged, the leather jacket inside will be in perfect condition and be precisely what you offered. So, we encourage all our customers to closely inspect the leather jacket before contacting us for a return and exchange.

24/7 Support – <12 Hours Response Time

Another thing we take seriously, responding to our customers. Nothing is more infuriating than not getting timely responses from the company you buy from, which leads to customer dissatisfaction. That’s why our representatives work around the clock to ensure all our customer’s queries receive the appropriate answers within 12 hours. We only ask our loyal consumers to please be patient with us since we have a lot of emails coming in from all over the world. But rest assured, we will respond to your email within 12 hours.

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